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Fire sprinkler systems are a fairly standard building-code requirement. But sprinklers are far from “set it and forget it” building technology. That’s because degradation of the water supply or impairment to a sprinkler system can have catastrophic consequences. Periodic inspection, testing, and maintenance of the sprinkler system are essential for proper sprinkler function. Failing to properly inspect, test and maintain sprinkler systems may result in citations and fines, or worse.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) publishes standards addressing automatic fire sprinkler systems. NFPA 25: STANDARD FOR THE INSPECTION, TESTING, AND MAINTENANCE OF WATER-BASED FIRE PROTECTION SYSTEM is an industry-recognized reference commonly adopted by local authorities for enforcement of fire sprinkler system installation.

Fire Tech has trained and certified personnel to perform testing and inspection on almost every conceivable fire protection system type.

Sprinkler Specific Testing:

  •         •    Perform visual inspection of the building’s system in accordance with NFPA-25 requirements
  •         •    Perform main drain and inspector tests, and tag each riser with the static and residual pressure
  •         •    Trip test dry pipe valves, test quick opening devices and drain low points if applicable
  •         •    Inspect, test and record anti-freeze system readings if applicable
  •         •    Time and adjust water flow switches to maintain a designated delay setting
  •         •    Operate control valves and test monitoring devices
  •         •    Inspect fire department connections to ensure they meet with local fire department requirements
  •         •    Test supervisory, local and electric alarms for proper operation
  •         •    Churn and flow test fire pumps for proper operation and condition, if applicable
  •         •    Inspect sprinkler heads for proper temperature ratings, damage, corrosion, or obstructions
  •         •    Inspect sprinkler heads for the Central recall program
  •         •    Inspect water supply and gravity tanks if applicable
  •         •    Perform certified Back Flow Test
  •         •    Furnish a detailed report with recommendations on system function and condition