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Fire Protection Evaluation Inspection, and Testing

Fire Tech has trained and certified personnel to perform testing and inspection on almost every conceivable fire protection system type including:

  •         •    Fire Sprinklers
  •         •    Fire Alarms
  •         •    Backflow preventors
  •         •    Fire Pumps
  •         •    Clean Agent Systems
  •         •    Room Enclosure Testing

Per State Law, all fire protection systems are to be annually inspected and certified to be operating properly and compliance with Local and National Fire Codes and Insurance requirements. Failure to comply with this requirement can cost the client in the form of fines or forced operation shutdown. Fire technology maintains a computerized tracking system to insure that all inspections are performed before violations occur. Regular inspection provides the peace of mind that comes from knowing your sprinkler system is always ready and in top working order. Our comprehensive inspection program ensures your system will perform when needed most. We confirm system readiness, inspect components, and provide a detailed report recommending any necessary corrective action.

All annual NFPA inspections are performed by certified fire inspection technicians. In addition, we perform all tests with the most current testing equipment accessible. This assures not only that all tested fire protection systems are functioning to their optimum level, but also that the systems are afforded the most protection available.