Fire Alarm Testing

A working fire alarm system should give enough warning to save lives and hopefully buy fire fighters enough time to limit property damage.

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Fire Protection Evaluation, Inspection, and Testing

Fire Tech has trained and certified personnel to perform testing and inspection on almost every conceivable fire protection system type.

Fire Sprinklers | Fire Alarms | Backflow Preventors | Fire Pumps | Clean Agent Systems | Room Enclosure Testing

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Fire Sprinkler Testing

Fire sprinkler systems are a fairly standard building-code requirement. But sprinklers are far from “set it and forget it” building technology.

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Fire pumps are often a forgotten element of an automatic fire protection system. If a fire pump doesn't work, the entire system may fail. Stringent inspection and testing requirements are designed to prevent a pump failure that could be catastrophic. Our expert installation, inspection and service capabilities include the tools and manpower to support any fire pump in operation.