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Professional Installation Services

Fire Tech has trained and certified personnel to perform installation and repair on almost every conceivable fire protection system type including:

  • Alarm
  • •   Smoke & Heat Detection
  • •   Analog Addressable Detection
  • •   Air Sampling
  • •   Manual Pull
  • •   Hazardous Gas Detection
  • •   Waterflow, Tamper, Supervisory
  • •   Mass Notification
  • •   Voice Evacuation
  • •   Graphic Annunciators
  • Special Hazard
  • •   FE-13
  • •   FM-200
  • •   Saphire
  • •   CO2
  • •   Nitrogen
  • •   Argon
  • •   Water Mist
  • •   Room Integrity Testing

Smoke Control Systems

Fire Tech has been installing state of the art alarm systems for many years. Known for reliability, flexibility and survivability, our systems are the standard that our competition strives to achieve. Because we are a full service fire protection company, we can often integrate multiple building systems like access control, CCTV and security management. From small single-story buildings to factories, office complexes and multi-building campuses, no job is too large or small.

We provide Central Station monitoring through one of the largest nation wide monitoring companies in the United States. Our Monitoring Station is UL listed and is engineered to rigorous standards that meet or exceed both Underwriters Laboratories and Factory Mutual requirements. Having your fire alarm system monitored by Fire Technology ensures that the response is immediate, so property damage or personal injuries are kept to a minimum.